Domination runs through my veins

Mistress America | Young Alpha women

What is it that moves us each in this world? For me it is the pleasure that gives me the power. Since I started to work professionally I have found a sense of fulfillment in my life. I enjoy my passion of exercise domination and putting submissive men at my feet.


Mistress America 

About Me

I am a 23 year old woman born in Barcelona, ​​Spain. I am Spanish although I have Native American roots. My honey-colored eyes will immediately hypnotize you, my skin is brown and my hourglass figure. A true monument 90-60-90, with blond hair and full lips.

At first glance I am a pretty young university student. Office work, classes on campus, nice suits and high-heeled boots. My education opens the doors to the world and to society. But that's only part of who I am. But I am much more than a pretty face and intelligence. My inner nature is dominant, don't be captivated by my elegance. I delight in your submission.

I enjoy taking you to the limit and nurturing your servile spirit. Whether it is tying you with ropes, making you lick my feet, whipping you with my firm hand or taking out your most feminine and sensual self.

I have been raised by a true Dominatrix, so I have received extensive training and understand your darkest fantasies, your evil desires and your need to surrender to a strong woman. If you are a submissive I will humiliate you, if you are a masochist I will punish you. I will penetrate your mind and teach you how to please a dominant woman, I will put you on your knees to serve me because I want to and because I can!


Femdom in Barcelona

y way of working is traditional. Men who come to me must strictly follow the D / s protocol. I do not like infinite chats, hidden calls, I do not like the daring of men who want to be my personal submissives without having met with me previously. Do you ask a person for a relationship without knowing him, without having cared for him and earned his respect? BDSM relationships are the same. They are based on respect, in intimate moments outside the conventional framework. So if you are submissive, helpful, lover of female domination and want to fulfill a perverse desire or worship a woman, you are welcome.